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Vortex Aviation


Vortex Aviation is an FAA/EASA dual-release commercial aerospace repair station focused on aircraft-on-ground (“AOG”) field service and quick-turn engine hospital repairs for commercial jet engines.

On June 26, 2017, the Partnership sold its entire interest in Vortex to Kellstrom Aerospace, Group, Inc.



PCML is a Cambridgeshire, U.K. based engineering and manufacturing business that produces precision components and assemblies on rapid lead-times and in small batches for customers in the biotech, scientific testing, digital imaging and semiconductor industries. PCML has a particularly strong competitive position in the research corridor known as the Cambridge Technopole, which surrounds Cambridge University.

On January 13, 2021, the Partnership sold its entire interest in PCML to Total Capital Partners.



Mivitec is a provider of customized, managed hosting, cloud computing, content delivery network and data centre colocation solutions for clients in the area of Munich, Germany.

Novi Profile Corporation

Novi Profile is based in Taiwan and specializes in wire profiling which is a manufacturing competency that entails making precise, geometric grooves along a length of wire. This skill is in high demand, particularly in Asia, for rectangular nut stock, automotive and CNC applications.

Inconel Holdings

Inconel Holdings

Inconel Holdings is a Southern California based precision machining business focused on customers in aerospace, medical and other industrial markets.




PLX is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high precision optical instrument assemblies for aerospace, commercial, defense and industrial applications.


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