Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Partnership with Blauvelt

At Blauvelt, we are more than just a capital partner.

Blauvelt has the capacity to support portfolio company growth plans. When we partner with you, you become part of our efficient decision-making process, and you know that when we commit to fund an investment, we complete it.

Expect flexibility on a mandate.

Our partnership agreement affords us with wide latitude over where we allocate capital. With our wide network of members, we can support portfolio companies with their investment plans both in the US and outside it.

A team of professionals with a 25+ year track record of investing in managing businesses.

Our partners have extensive prior experience at Tinicum Capital Partners, Banyan Investment Partners, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.

Take part in our collaborative & collegial approach.

Blauvelt prides itself on being both a value-added and non-intrusive strategic resource for our portfolio companies. We assist our portfolio companies with evaluating and executing on strategic decisions with respect to capital structure, M&A opportunities, capex, key hires and ultimately exit strategy. We also provide access to our network of operating and finance relationships, who can greatly help optimize the performance of a business.


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